Membership Information

Join the club!

You're already one of the lucky ones to have multiples...

So come join us and meet other families who know what it's like to be in your shoes!

How much are dues?

Dues are $30 a year. For higher order multiples and moms of more than one set of multiples, dues are $20 a year. Our membership calendar year is from August 1 to July 31.

What do I get for my membership dues?

Our monthly meeting allows time for us to get together as a group to talk about upcoming events. After the general meeting there is some kind of philanthropic event, guest speaker, or fun activity. And lets be honest... Sometimes moms just need a break to get together with friends!

Other membership benefits include:

  • Membership in the national club, Multiples of America
  • Ability to sell items at the semi-annual consignment sale
  • Access to a private Facebook group with other paid members
  • Various social activities throughout the year for families and adults - Activities have included outdoor movies, progressive dinners, private pool party at a local aquatic center
  • Annual auction where you can bid on thousands of dollars worth of donated items ranging from local gift certificates all the way to passes to Disney theme parks
  • Newsletter with upcoming events
  • Participation in philanthropic activities

Am I required to attend certain meetings and events?

No, but we would love to have you when you can! Life with multiples, and kids in general, can make scheduling tough. We are all part of a unique club and we would like to get to know you!

Mothers and expectant mothers of multiples are welcome to visit us at any meeting to see what we're all about. Just make sure to sign in as a visitor so we can greet you, get to know you, and see if this organization is for you!

How do I join?

Come check out a meeting!!

Or, print off this membership form and mail it in with a check made out to Des Moines Mothers of Multiples.

If you have questions regarding membership, please email us at